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In Observance of the Labor Day holiday
In Observance of the Labor Day holiday
A.T. STEPHENS Sep 12, 2016
Hayward Area Historical Society
Hayward Area Historical Society

AT Stephens is the executive director of the Hayward Area Historical Society. Mr. Stephens, a Hayward Rotary Club member since 2014, will be reviewing the recent history and forecasting this next decade of engagement as HAHS approaches its official 60th Anniversary on December 6, 2016. celebrates its 60th Anniversary.  What has been the role of the historical society to its members and friends and what more will everyone's favorite local Museum of History and Culture be in the near future? Join us on September 12 for an interesting and informative discussion of these questions and more.


AT Stephens is the Executive Director of the Hayward Area Historical Society.  He joined HAHS as interim director in April 2013 and has been its fulltime administrator since 2014.
Over decades as a museum professional, Mr. Stephens has worked at historic sites in Northern Virginia and African American-themed museums in Philadelphia and Baltimore.  He was a Vice President during the expansion of the Missouri Historical Society in St. Louis and directed planning for a contemporary art museum in Raleigh, NC, where he was also a Teaching Assistant Professor of Design Studies in the College of Design, North Carolina State University. 
Mr. Stephens has collaborated with organizations as varied as the multiple sites of the Smithsonian Institution; Colonial Williamsburg; Thomas Jefferson's Monticello; the Levine Museum of the New South in Charlotte, NC; and Laurel Grove, a one-room Colored School in Franconia, Virginia.  His projects as a consultant in “museum practis | publik histry | artn design” have included work for E. Verner Johnson Associates and the Founding Council of the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of African American History and Culture; the Underground Railroad Initiative, National Capitol Region of National Park Service in Washington, DC; and Separate Cinema, the African American Film Archive in Hyde Park, NY.
An occasional lecturer on museum practice and American history, Mr. Stephens has enjoyed adjunct faculty positions in the Graduate Program in Art Education at the Corcoran College of Art and Design, Washington, DC; Graduate Program in Museum Studies at the University of Missouri-St. Louis; and Northern Virginia Community College, Loudoun, where he advised on requirements for the Humanities’ Career Certificate in Historic Preservation.
Locally, Mr. Stephens is a Board member of the Hayward Chamber of Commerce, a co-director of the Chamber’s Nonprofit Alliance, and a member of the Hayward Rotary Club.

Presiding on 9/12: President Sean Reinhart
Also on 9/12: Dan Goldstein Vocational Talk

GEOFF HARRIES Sep 19, 2016
Russell City Distillery / Buffalo Bill's Brewery
Russell City Distillery / Buffalo Bill's Brewery

Geoff Harries is the CEO of Buffalo Bill's Brewery and Russell City Distillery. Mr. Harries will talk about his newest venture, Russell City Distillery.

Mr. Harries is the longtime owner and CEO of Hayward landmark Buffalo Bill’s Brewery. He is expanding his business with the construction of Russell City Distillery a few steps away from his brewery. The new distillery spans 3,700 square feet plus a 400-square-foot tasting room and retail space. Russell City Distillery will produce Hayward-crafted vodka, gin, rum and agave spirits, and will feature a tasting room, facility tours, and sales of bottled spirits on site.

Construction work on Russell City Distillery began in earnest on July, 2016. The new distillery is located in a midcentury modern retail space located between Buffalo Bill's Brewery on B Street and the Siam Palace Thai restaurant on Foothill Blvd.  When completed in 2017, the renovated facility will house a 750-liter, 17.5-foot-tall Arnold Holstein still and three 500-gallon fermenters. The equipment will allow the spirit producer to manufacture up to 5,000 cases a year at peak capacity.

In building Russell City Distillery, Mr. Harries told the San Francisco Chronicle that he is seeking to create something "unique and indigenous to the area" that reflects local history and "turns it into something that people enjoy drinking."

Russell City's primary business will come from restaurant sales and wholesale distribution, however a significant part of the business will also include distillery tours, sample tastings of the artisanal offerings, and retail sales of bottled spirits on site.

Presiding on 9/19: President Sean Reinhart

LINDSEY VIEN Sep 26, 2016
Hayward's After School Homework Tutoring Centers

Lindsey Vien is Education Services Manager for City of Hayward Public Library. Ms. Vien will present an overview of the After School Homework Tutoring Centers, a joint project of Hayward Library and HUSD. 

PAUL MARTIN Oct 03, 2016
Hayward Rotary Club Foundation Annual Meeting

The Hayward Rotary Club Foundation, a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization, was incorporated in October 1990. Its finances and operations are managed by an elected Foundation Board of Directors and Officers composed exclusively of active Hayward Rotary Club members. The Foundation's board and operations are separate and distinct from the Club's board and operations.

The Foundation reports annually to the members of the Hayward Rotary Cub at a regular Club Meeting. Paul Martin is the incoming President of the Foundation Board, and will preside over the 2016 annual meeting.

In the mid 1980's, the idea arose to establish a Foundation to insulate the Club's finances from the irregular cash flow of the  income from its major fundraiser at the time, the Rowell Ranch Rodeo food concessions, and to be able to make more money available for local projects. The Foundation was established with an initial fund of $250,000, formed through major contributions from the "Gang of 20" Rotarians led by Sheriff Charley Plummer.

The Foundation ensures a sustainable source of funds available for use regardless of the results of other fundraisers. The Foundation's endowment currently stands at approximately $1.3 million. Annually, the Foundation makes 3% of the undesignated June 30th balance of the Fund available to the incoming Club President for use on their Club board-approved project(s).  These funds can be combined with other funds but must be spent by the President prior to the end of their term as Immediate Past President.

In 2005, Past President John Hunter set and achieved a goal to increase the endowment of the Foundation to $1,000,000. In recognition of this milestone, a Dinner Celebration was held in the Hayward City Hall Rotunda.

Today, many Rotarians, Individuals and Corporate Sponsors choose to donate tax-deductible funds directly to the Foundation either as unrestricted, restricted or specifically designated contributions.

The Hayward Rotary Club Foundation is proud of its accomplishments such as helping to fund Hayward Rotary Club Local Projects such as the Silva Pediatric and Dental Clinic, Newman Park, Centennial Children's Park, The Dictionary Project, Field of Dreams, Mia's Dream Park, Eden Area ROP / Hayward Fire Department Fire Science training center, Hayward's 21st Century Library, and many other local and international endeavors.

In observance of the Columbus Day holiday
Commemorating our 95th Year of Service

Come dressed to impress for the annual Club group photo to commemorate our 95th year of service. Meeting begins as usual with lunch at the Masonic Hall. After lunch, we will adjourn to Hayward City Hall where we will pose for the photo. Prints will be available for purchase. More details coming soon.

Presiding on 10/24: President Sean Reinhart

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FRAN DAVID Jan 30, 2017

Fran David is retired City Manager of Hayward. She retired in 2016 after more than 40 years in public service, including as Hayward's City Manager for six years.

Ms. David will present an innovative look at a key issue in the region - Housing - from the perspective of a public CEO.