Oct 19, 2020
Frances Lopez
Surviving Polio
In honor of World Polio Day, our guest speaker on Monday will talk about her own experience with this debilitating disease.
Frances lopez is a polio survivor and in her own words: "I contracted polio just before Dr. Jonas Salk announced that he had perfected the vaccine (April 12, 1955). I came down with paralytic polio in March of 1955, shortly after my 5th birthday. I have lived since that time with somewhat "functional" muscle weakness, but it has progressed as I've aged. I had to retire early (June of 2007) due to increasing muscle weakness and trying to comply with the directive to conserve what I had to preserve it. At that time, I was a paralegal manager at a San Francisco law firm. "
Join us on Monday, October 19 for an insightful talk.