The US Center for Disease Control reports that in 2019, hospital emergency rooms recorded three million visits by older adults due to falls. With falls as the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries among older adults, the medical costs amount to $50 billion annually, most of that paid by Medicare or Medicaid.
At the Hayward Rotary Club meeting on Nov. 27, May Funabiki of Spectrum Community Services will discuss how the local organization has developed popular programs - such as "A Question of Balance" -  to help manage concerns about falls and improve flexibility, balance and strength. She will be joined by Spectrum's executive director Lara Calvert and the pair will have Rotarians join them in some movements to practice to improve balance. 
Founded in 1971, Spectrum is a registered, private non-profit organization that assists low-income individuals, families, and seniors in their efforts to live independently. It has funding relationships and partnerships with more than two dozen agencies and cities. Its board of directors includes Hayward Rotarian Marion Sanchez.