Cal State East Bay kinesiology Prof. Becky Beal will lead a presentation on "The Culture of Skateboarding" at the noon Monday meeting of the Hayward Rotary Club on Nov. 6. 
The presentation will include a demonstration of skateboarding tricks by Ashley Masters, Bay Area director of the Skate Like a Girl organization, a nonprofit that also has offices in Portland and Seattle. In the unlikely case where Hayward Rotarians still have the skateboard of their youth, they are invited to bring them. 
Prof. Beal's research interests are on issues of social justice in sport and physical activity and has researched the cultural and political dynamics of skateboarding for more than 20 years. Her work explores the relationship of the cultural industries with "action sports" such as skateboarding and surfing.
Masters is a longtime skateboarder and youth and fitness coach with more than 10 years instructing skateboarding and working with youth sports.