Arzo Mehdavi will be our guest speaker on Monday, July 7, 2020. Arzo is the Community Services Chairperson for the City of Hayward and works on the Frontline as an ER Nurse in Oakland,CA . She is a Muslim-American woman, Social Justice advocate, and believer in kindness and positivity. Her passions include world travel, volunteering abroad and locally, and the community. Some of her achievements include being Kaiser Permanente’s 2019 Extraordinary Nurse Awardee, Congressman Eric Swalwell’s first CA-15 Community Hero Award recipient in 2020, and winning it big on the television game show Wheel of Fortune this past April. 
Arzo will speak about what it is like to work as a Nurse during the Coronavirus Pandemic, her volunteer experiences in Nigeria and here in Hayward, and her appearance on Wheel of Fortune.
This will be our first meeting under the leadership of President Sara Lamnin, so don't miss it!