On Monday, April 10, Geeta Kadambi will talk about Patent, Patent language and interesting patents.
Dr. Geeta Kadambi is the Founder and Principal of Riddhi IP. She has a distinguished background with a PhD in Biochemistry, and has accumulated a breadth of scientific and patent law experience in government, public and private organizations. She is an USPTO registered Patent Agent. She serves as an advisor on many accelerators and venture capital firms to evaluate intellectual property for their members.  She is a former Patent Examiner at the USPTO and was a Senior Technologist at NASA Ames, where she won two Space Act Awards for her inventions at NASA. She is passionate about serving humanity and giving back as a Rotarian. She is specifically interested in alleviating preventable blindness and looking forward to working with Rotarians worldwide to achieve this goal.
She is currently Assistant Governor Area 3B, Membership co-chair and leads the District Hygiene Project with a team.