As members of the Hayward Rotary Club program committee were sitting around on Zoom planning for great speakers in the midst of a health care crisis, the group realized that in the pandemic we are all doing far too much “sitting around.”
As it turns out, working and connecting virtually with friends and family while sitting in a chair is not particularly good for you. And, fortunately, Hayward has an institution that knows the science behind that and what to do about it.
At Hayward Rotary’s May 3 meeting, the featured presenter will be Dr. Koen P. Kallop of Hayward’s Life Chiropractic College West, who will address this issue in his presentation: "Sitting Can Be Bad For Your Health and Too Much Sitting Can Be Painful." He will be joined by one of the college’s student interns, Lauren Kelsey Stefaniuk.
Forty years after opening its campus at 25001 Industrial Blvd. in Hayward, Life Chiropractic College West still has classrooms full of students and, as an “essential” part of the health care community, has been teaching and offering clinical help throughout the pandemic. One of its leading faculty members is Dr. Kallop, a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic, who has had a practice in the Bay Area for 35 years and has been on the Life West faculty since 2013. He is one of nine mentor doctors who have approximately 20 senior interns treating patients in the college’s outpatient clinic on the campus. He assists interns and advises them in case management, communication skills, spinal analysis and chiropractic adjusting.
Joining Dr. Kallop will be one of his interns, Lauren Kelsey Stefaniuk. She provides care in the Life West Health Center and is in the ninth of 14 quarters required before graduation. Originally from Alberta, Canada, she has a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology from the University of Calgary. In college, she volunteered in the recreational therapy department of a local hospital, bringing joy and vitality to elderly patients and those with dementia.