The featured presenter to the Hayward Rotary Club at its Jan. 22 luncheon meeting will be Judy Bartlett-Roberto, vice president for Reflexion Medical, the Hayward-based multinational company that is revolutionizing how cancer is identified and treated.
The company's numerous inventions from its Clawiter Road campus include upgraded MRI machines and positron-emission tomography (PET) imaging data to enable tumors to continuously signal their location.
“RefleXion’s bold vision for the future of cancer care stands to completely reshape how physicians think about treating patients with stage 4 cancer,” said Loïc Julé, managing director of Global Investment Partnerships Portfolio, that invested $100 million in the Hayward therapeutic oncology company.
Judy Bartlett-Roberto's presentation to Hayward Rotary is actually an update to her presentation via Zoom during the pandemic, when the club was holding virtual meetings. As vice president of marketing at RefleXion, her team develops approaches to promote how the company provides radiotherapy delivery in real time, with an eye on metastatic disease treatment through RefleXion's MRI machines built in in Hayward. 
She has coordinated tours of the company with the Hayward Chamber of Commerce for delegations from the health ministry of Turkey, the US Department of Commerce, and oncology specialists from Kaiser Permanente.