'The Genie's Out of the Bottle:' Renowned ChatGPT Scholar to Address Hayward Rotary April 29
One of the country's foremost academic experts on ChatGPT, Professor Asha Rao of Cal State East Bay, will address the lunch meeting of the Hayward Rotary Club on April 22. 
Her presentation is based on her conference workshops that are given to packed rooms of educators and corporate managers: "The Genie's Out of the Bottle: Preventing Cheating, and Exploring the Creative Potential of ChatGPT." 
Prof. Rao is associate chair in the Department of Management at Cal State East Bay, where she has taught since 2001. A senior Fulbright Fellow, she created the prestigious Women in Leadership Program at CSUEB. She has been a visiting professor at universities in India and Canada and numerous American universities. 
Writing in Linked In recently, she noted that the main concerns she has found about ChatGPT in the U.S., "are inaccuracy, plagiarism and misrepresentation. But no one raised the issue of blandness, or the boredom that I face in reading AI content."
" I find an incredible blandness in student papers that they have 'edited' with AI where one student's work merges into another in my mind," she wrote.