340 Southland Mall
Hayward, CA 94541
United States of America

Hayward Rotary Club's annual "Child Spree" back-to-school shopping event will provide 100 Hayward children the back-to-school clothing and supplies they need for their upcoming school year. All 100 participating children have been identified in partnership with the Hayward Police Department Youth and Family Services Bureau. The event is sponsored by Hayward Rotary Club with JCPenney and the support of many community partners.

Child Spree is our community service project that has provided much needed clothing and backpacks to disadvantaged K-8 school-aged children in Hayward. The stats from HUSD say that over 70% of Hayward public school students fall into that category. The Hayward Rotary Club is the key partner in raising funds and coordinating this annual event, which has supported children and families in our community for nineteen years.

The morning of the event, the child (with or without one parent) is partnered with volunteer shoppers, who assist in choosing new clothing, which, of course, empowers the student to start the new school year on a positive note. After shopping, the children receive a backpack and school supplies to equip them further for school.  For icing on the cake, Friends of the Library are there to give them free reading books! The shopping starts around 8 AM and is over by the time the mall opens!  Volunteers need to be there by 7:30.

Volunteers and donations are needed and gladly accepted.

To volunteer: please use the "Back to School Child Spree 2022" button on this page. There are specific groups for volunteers. Find the group that matches your affiliation or, if you don't see it, sign up as a Community Member.  (contact Valerie Caveglia at vcave2@yahoo.com) 

Donations in any amount are accepted. The event goal is to raise $125 per child ($12,500 total). To make a tax-deductible donation, please make checks payable to Hayward Rotary Foundation and mail to:

Hayward Rotary Foundation, P.O. Box 629, Hayward CA 94543 

The shopping experience this year will look like this:

One parent may accompany one child and a volunteer. If there is more than one child with a parent, they will each have their own volunteer. If there is no parent, then 2 volunteers will accompany the child. The volunteer(s) will have the gift card and the responsibility to help the child shop well, keeping track of how much is spent.

The gift cards will be for $100. Many things will be at 25% off that day, and we won't be paying sales tax on the use of the gift cards. Getting the most bang for the buck is the goal that day... so it's not a good idea to spend $50-$60 on a pair of shoeslaugh!!

VERY IMPORTANT:  Please be on the lookout for Volunteer Do's and Don'ts that will be emailed to you a few days prior to the event.