Aaron Ortiz - La Familia
On Monday Aug 9, CEO Aaron Ortiz will present a keynote on the ground breaking work La Familia has been accomplishing right from the start of the Pandemic. From free COVID testing to large scale vaccinations, La Familia has been at the forefront of Hayward's efforts to combat COVID19.
Aaron Ortiz, Chief Executive Officer of The Alliance for Community Wellness DBA La Familia (La Familia) began his work experience with the Boys and Girls Club through the Job Training Partnership Act, presently known as the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). His experience with the Boys and Girls Clubs changed his life path forever, which led him to his current status of managing the same workforce development and re­entry programs for thousands of bay area youth and adults.
Since 1992, Aaron has dedicated his career to helping youth, adults and families by providing public health, education, workforce development, youth development, mental health, family preservation and culturally sensitive programs in the Bay Area.
Aaron became the Chief Executive Officer of La Familia in July 2014. On day one Aaron arrived concluding the merger of East Bay Community Services with La Familia creating a cross-pollination of services and a flagship organization with a countywide approach in Alameda County. Since his arrival he has been responsible for growing the organization by millions and expanded all departments within the agency and added many more. With responsible purposeful growth Aaron brokered the acquisition of The Latino Commission on Alcohol & Drugs Abuse of Alameda County (LCADAAC) in January 2015 bringing in an additional $1.2 million in funding and $2.5 million in real estate holdings. La Familia has truly become the place to be. As of 2021, Aaron has grown La familia from $3 million to $23 million in organizational annual budget in 6.5 years.

Aaron has become a regional East Bay leader by executing successful strategies for programs and economies in some of the most challenging communities in the Bay Area. Aaron has been instrumental in creating groundbreaking community programs and leading initiatives such as: Co-Founder of the District Attorney's Justice Academy (DAJA), Reentry Treatment Team (RTT), In-Home Outreach Team (IHOT), Unaccompanied Youth Immigrant clinical program, the first Peer Respite facility in Northern California and founder of the Veterans Internship Program (VIP) for National Labs.