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JC Penny's Southland Mall
Hayward, CA 94545
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Child Spree is our community service project that has provided much needed clothing and backpacks to disadvantaged K-8 school-aged children in Hayward. The stats from HUSD say that over 70% of Hayward public school students fall into that category. The Hayward Rotary Club is the key partner in raising funds and coordinating this annual event, which has supported children and families in our community for eighteen years.

Child Spree is a unique hands-on project for children in Hayward who are in need. The 100 youth are selected by HPD’s Child and Protective Services to participate in a two-hour morning shopping spree for back to school clothes. The morning of the event, the child is partnered with a chaperone, who assists in choosing new clothing, which empowers the student to start the new school year on a positive note. After shopping, the children receive a backpack and school supplies to equip them further for school.  The event starts around 7 AM and is over by the time the mall opens!

In 2021, we will again be partnering with JC Penny's.  This year because of Covid issues, we are allowing a parent to take the child shopping.  However, there will be a lot of kids who will need an adult personal shopper chaperone, and for that job and others, we need the community to volunteer their time that Saturday morning.  Other jobs will include crowd control, calculator monitors, and backpack distributors.

In a perfect world, there will be 30+ Rotarians, the Cal State East Bay Women's Soccer Team, and a lot of community members. I'm going to plan for 90 volunteers, and you can be one of them!  If you are helping to set up be there at 7AM, otherwise you can appear at 7:30.

This will be a very special Child Spree because these kids haven't been in a classroom for nearly 18 months. Can you imagine how cool they will feel on their first day of school in their spiffy new clothes?!

Thank you for signing up on the Volunteer List right now!! Please tell me your full name, email, and phone number.

Valerie Caveglia