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Hayward Rotary Club is a non-partisan, non-political service organization. Our members are leaders in business, education, government, nonprofit, and community service. Rotarians come from many diverse walks of life, and we are united in giving back to our community. Hayward Rotary Club and Foundation have contributed millions of dollars of support to vital projects and programs that build a stronger future for Hayward and the world. Do you want to give back to the community in an organized way, in the company of distinguished community leaders? Do you have what it takes to become a Hayward Rotary Club member? Find out by attending our weekly luncheons, by talking to Rotarians, and by browsing this website. Learn more
Hayward Rotarians will come together  for a special evening meeting on Monday Feb 12. Live music, social hour and a buffet dinner will add to the merriment. Rotarians kindly register themselves and their guests here:
Editorial: Elect Phong La as new Alameda County assessor
Alameda County Assessor Phong La will be the keynote presenter at the Feb. 5 luncheon meeting of the Hayward Rotary Club. 
The position of assessor is to locate and identify ownership of all taxable property in the county and decide if it is subject to reappraisal when it changes ownership. He has orchestrated a massive reorganization for his office to address historic highs in real estate construction and business development. 
He was first elected in 2019 and became even more popular locally by right away joining the Hayward Chamber of Commerce and speaking to the Hayward Rotary Club. He won re-election outright in the primary of June 2022 when he had no opposition and his current term ends Jan. 4, 2027.
He has lived in Alameda County since 1980, when his family moved to the U.S. as refugees from Vietnam and he was two years old. They started a small business and supported Phong, his brother, and a sister as they went through James Logan High School in Union City. He went on to earn a bachelor's degree from UC Davis in 2000 and a law degree from UC Hasting's Colleges of the Law in San Francisco.
He lives with his wife and daughter in the city of Alameda.
The Rotary Club of Hayward will be dark in observance of Presidents' Day. Our next meeting will be on Feb 26.
Presidents Day Vector Art, Icons, and Graphics for Free Download
The featured presenter at the Hayward Rotary Club on Monday, Jan, 29, will be Satish Narayan, project developer for the new Hyatt Hotel to be constructed this year. A former San Jose city planner and a Hayward resident, he will discuss plans for the new Hyatt, that will be located near the Hayward Executive Airport. According to city of Hayward staff members, the hotel is expected to generate generate $500,000 in annual economic impact for the city in addition to $210,000 annual rent. Since the hotel will be located on airport property, the rent will go to support that facility. 
A unique feature of the hotel will be a full-service restaurant. According to the Hayward Area Historical Society, there have been just four hotels with full-service restaurants located in the city since William D. Hayward opened his Hayward's Hotel back during the gold rush days. The most recent was the Green Shutter Hotel, that closed its full-service restaurant more than 50 years ago. 
The featured presenter to the Hayward Rotary Club at its Jan. 22 luncheon meeting will be Judy Bartlett-Roberto, vice president for Reflexion Medical, the Hayward-based multinational company that is revolutionizing how cancer is identified and treated.
The company's numerous inventions from its Clawiter Road campus include upgraded MRI machines and positron-emission tomography (PET) imaging data to enable tumors to continuously signal their location.
“RefleXion’s bold vision for the future of cancer care stands to completely reshape how physicians think about treating patients with stage 4 cancer,” said Loïc Julé, managing director of Global Investment Partnerships Portfolio, that invested $100 million in the Hayward therapeutic oncology company.
Judy Bartlett-Roberto's presentation to Hayward Rotary is actually an update to her presentation via Zoom during the pandemic, when the club was holding virtual meetings. As vice president of marketing at RefleXion, her team develops approaches to promote how the company provides radiotherapy delivery in real time, with an eye on metastatic disease treatment through RefleXion's MRI machines built in in Hayward. 
She has coordinated tours of the company with the Hayward Chamber of Commerce for delegations from the health ministry of Turkey, the US Department of Commerce, and oncology specialists from Kaiser Permanente.
Hayward Rotary will hear a presentation on the "U.S. Economic Outlook for the New Year," at its meeting at noon, Monday, Jan. 8, at the Masonic Hall in downtown Hayward, 1074 B St.
The presenter will be Filippo Rebessi, an economist and interim chair of the Department of Business and Economics at Cal State East Bay. He received his doctorates from the University of Minnesota and Università degli Studi di Parma in Italy. 
Dr. Rebessi's presentation continues a long tradition of Hayward Rotarians hearing from Cal State East Bay economists every January.
Dr. Rebessi has been an assistant professor of economics at Cal State East Bay since 2016, and interim chair of the department since last August. Courses he has taught at CSUEB. include “Macroeconomics for Business,” “Global Economic Analysis,” and “Monetary Theory.”
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, 2021
We will be dark on Jan 15, in observance of MLK Day.
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