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Hayward Rotary Club is a non-partisan, non-political service organization. Our members are leaders in business, education, government, nonprofit, and community service. Rotarians come from many diverse walks of life, and we are united in giving back to our community. Hayward Rotary Club and Foundation have contributed millions of dollars of support to vital projects and programs that build a stronger future for Hayward and the world. Do you want to give back to the community in an organized way, in the company of distinguished community leaders? Do you have what it takes to become a Hayward Rotary Club member? Find out by attending our weekly luncheons, by talking to Rotarians, and by browsing this website. Learn more
Thanksgiving Day 2022: Recipes, Traditions, and Trivia - Farmers' Almanac -  Plan Your Day. Grow Your Life.
We will be dark on Monday, Nov 21 in observance of Thanksgiving week. Our next meeting will be on Monday, Nov 28.

Maile Collmer of MaileCollmer.com specializes in helping entrepreneurs build influence, connections, and business through the referral process. She is known for asking the question…“What if you could have an amazing business and a spectacular life?”...which is the core of her message and what she supports her clients to attain!

On Monday, Nov 14  Maile will present a keynote on how to widen the circle of your influence through networking.

As the founder of The Referral Studio and owner and master referral coach for Asentiv® Contra Costa, Maile has delivered training, seminars, and workshops for thousands of entrepreneurs through organizations like BNI, Chambers of Commerce, and Keller Williams Realty.

Internationally recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on networking and referral marketing, Maile teaches her clients how to build the “right relationships” to multiply their networking results up to 7 times while reducing their working hours by as much as 38%.

Maile enjoys playing golf, wine tasting, dancing, and traveling. She is a fan of football, and baseball, and especially loves her UCLA Bruins! For Maile, networking and referrals are a way of life and these fun activities frequently increase her networking results!

Our keynote speaker on Monday, Nov 7 will be Shubbie Aishida of Golden Safari restaurant in downtown Hayward.

About Shubbie Aishida

"My full names are Olasubomi Aishida (Shubbie) Born in Lagos Nigeria.  Married with 2 kids. We live in Hayward and we work in Hayward. I started Golden Safari restaurant 7 years ago, started by cooking for family and friends, but only moved into its current location at 22431 Foothill Boulevard in Hayward, California, 5 years ago. 
Through the initiative of giving back to the community and community outreach, I started the non- profit by the name “PEACE HAVEN”in 2019."
We will be dark on Oct. 10 in observance of Indigenous People's Day. Our next meeting will be on October 17.
On Monday, Sept 19 District 5170 Governor Savita Vaidhyanathan will visit our Club as part of her official duties. There will be an ice-cream social in her honor.
Savita Vaidhyanathan served as President of the Rotary Club of Cupertino in 2013-14. Her theme was, “Local heartbeat, Global Outreach!” She also held roles as Chair of World Services Committee, member of Club’s Board and Endowment Foundation Board. She organized and chaired several fundraisers for the club. She is a Major Donor to The Rotary Foundation.
Savita served as advisor for projects in India, Kenya, and Mexico, and led a team for global grants. She is a graduate of the District Leadership Academy. She also served as District Community Service Chair and was the chair of the banquet in honor of Rotary International President, Jennifer Jones.
Savita is an active member of the local community. She served on the Cupertino City Council and as Mayor of Cupertino in 2017. She serves on a number of community boards and is currently Co-Chair of the De Anza Community College Commission. Savita and her husband, Doc Vaidhyanathan live in Cupertino. Their daughter works and lives with her husband and baby in San Francisco. Savita is a doting grandmother to her grandson and plans to get rejuvenated by him to keep her energetic through her year as District Governor!
Sugar Bowl Bakery in Hayward is truly one of those "only in America" stories. It's about how five penniless Vietnamese brothers, "boat people," came to America as refugees in 1979 and pooled their resources from any job they could find to buy a small bakery and cafe in South San Francisco. Through hard work on developing unique products, a partnership with Costco, and a strategic move to Hayward, the company became the largest food service bakery in the Bay Area, servicing hotels, cafes, restaurants, convention centers, and colleges. And the company has opened a new operation outside of Atlanta with 300 employees.
The speaker at the Hayward Rotary luncheon on Sept. 12 will be Robyn Defina, vice president of marketing for Sugar Bowl Bakery. 
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There will be no meeting on September 5 in observance of Labor Day. Next Rotary meeting will be Monday, September 12.
Jennie Comstock is the Animal Services Administrator for the Hayward Police Department’s Animal Services Bureau. Jennie’s passion for animals led her to begin her career with animals in 1994 when she began working in a veterinary hospital while she attended Chabot College and graduated with her Associates degree. Jennie joined Hayward Animal Services Bureau in 2000 after deciding to pursue a more rewarding career where she could help the animals and serve the community. Since that time Jennie has held several positions in Animal Services, spending time serving as the shelter’s kennel supervisor and working in the field as an Animal Control Officer, before being promoted to Animal Services Administrator in 2010. Jennie is a graduate of both the Basic and Advanced State Humane Academies and is recognized as a Certified Animal Welfare Administrator with The Association for Animal Welfare Advancement.
Come learn more about the services provided by the Hayward Animal Services Bureau. Jennie will be discussing the function Animal Services has in protecting both the human and animal members of the Hayward community. She will share some sad cases that will bring a tear to your eye and some of the happy, rewarding outcomes that will make you smile. Learn about the link between human and animal abuse and who to call if you are a witness to it. Jennie will also talk about how you can get involved in helping reduce pet overpopulation and make a difference in the life of a homeless animal.
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